Cloud Machine Interface for Industry 4.0


The Revolution at your fingertips.

Our remote control system is a unique product on the market. The collected data is always updated to let the people to control and develop its own business, to manage plant maintenance, to direct marketing choices by improving the performance of its own products, optimizing processes and the flow of goods and resources in general. The most important features of the system are:



Data of different nature are acquired as electronic signals, coming from different sources such as, for example, machines, sensors and systems in general. Operators have the opportunity to receive immediately and cleverly on mobile devices, alarms and all critical information about plant operations.



The system is designed with an easy-use interface in order to create a comfortable operating environment and be used by different professionals, with different skills and tasks, by selecting and filtering information according to the functions performed and the level of permission required.



Our cloud-based interface is compatible with all the most popular browsers and can be used by all mobile devices, without the need for installation of dedicated applications.



Conceived and designed to maximize performance and ensure a fast response, the system allows to control and aggregate also information from very complex facilities.



The data analysis occurs in real time and the assistance management is timely and automatic. Process data and historical statistics can be analyzed with the business intelligence systems available or specially developed to provide new possibilities and opportunities to the companies to compete at the highest level on the markets.



If necessary, it can be activate on the interface a feature to send commands and process activations to remote systems. A single command interface can interact with fully different systems. This ensures extreme flexibility of use and adaptation to hardware systems and existing software.



The system is secure against cyber-attacks, has a secure communication system and it is guaranteed by a TIER-3 certified infrastructure.



Thanks to the high configurability of the solution, you can adapt the system’s behavior to the different needs and circumstances, to meet all business situations at best.



The high degree of user profiling allows both controlled operation and critical data confidentiality.



The data collected by the system can be connected with any mathematical model for real-time analysis of the state of the structure and make future predictions through prototypes and simulations.

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