Tastitalia has always been involved in the field of cutting-edge technology for the marine Industry, both for pleasure and for military boating. Thanks to its wide range of products, Tastitalia is able to meet every need for marine interior and exterior.

In parternship with some of the most famous marine interior designers, Tastitalia really cares about design and always looks for esthetically good solutions. Keypads are used for example in bridge deck monitoring, in mooring systems, and others..

Tastitalia products are the result of many years of experience in this field, they are designed and manufactured to suit marine environment.

Our state-of-the-art technologies are displays that could be integrated either with capacitive or resistive touch screens.

Our wide product port-folio is able to meet every kind of need and requirement, from military radar sets, user interface devices for boats, echo sound sonar, lighting controls systems to wall diagram, for local and remote controls.

Products for the marine industry are: silicone rubber keypads back-lighted through EL or LED fiber optics, capacitive keypads, touch screens, nameplates made of anodized aluminium resistant to marine enviroment for more than 20 years, completely sealed IP67 keypads, etc.

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