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No matter if you bond a LCM, a touch screen or a cover lens, what really matters is the production process and technology used to do that. We developed a very innovative and accurate production process that we are willing to share with you giving the chance to try it in your devices. You can try and see the advantages:

• perfect contrast and increased readibility in sunshine
• no condensation and/or fogging in air-gap
• no penetration of dust and dirt
• improved shock absorption, more robust construction
• improved heat dissipation

Tastitalia’s OPTICAL BONDING enables:

• laminating displays, cover lens and touchscreens of all sizes up to 32”
• fast sample production within a few days
• perfect material stability over time (e.g. no yellowing)

If the touch screen of your control panel should not be completely bonded to the display and a edge bonding is enough, Tastitalia can do it for you. Edge bonding is less performing than optical bonding because light travelling through the internal layers will induce reflections as a consequence of the air gap. This leads to glare and decreased optical properties.

If you want to take a deeper dive into “optical bonding”, please feel free to contact us at:, call us at +39.071.7825276 or visit our website.

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