Castelfidardo, 03.04.13 Environmental Policy

TASTITALIA S.r.l. is a manufacturer of membrane switches, touch screens, screen printed or etched graphic overlays and front foils, which have different application fields such as industrial, aerospace, military, medical and automotive. Our company has a long standing commitment to and respect for environmental regulations. Starting from 2012 we implemented the following policy:
• We make our commitment to the systematic and ad hoc respect of the environmental regulation official,
• We manage all environmental aspects related to our activities, in order to contribute to pollution reduction and environmental protection.
For this purpose TASTITALIA S.r.l. commits itself to adopting an Environmental Management System, integrated with our Quality Management System, which is compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001:04 regulation.
TASTITALIA S.r.l., after evaluation of its activities, products and processes which have or might have a significant impact on the environment, commits itself to achieving following general goals for improvement:
• To safeguard and improve the internal and external environment of our factory, for improved compatibility with our local community
• To manage, preserve and where possible reduce the exploitation of natural resources; to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources
• To keep under control and limit dust, solvents and all emissions into the atmosphere, to reduce any potential impacts on the environment
• Where possible reduce waste production and promote recycling and/or reusing
• To minimize any risk of pollution by reducing and/or eliminating hazardous chemical storage with regard to other production process materials, like inks and solvents used in the production process
• To involve our suppliers in the process of our environmental improvement and reduction of possible environmental impact
• To ensure complete transparency of all environmental aspects for our customers, local community and public authorities
• To promote the involvement and the participation of our employees in the process of continual environmental improvement.


• Staff training & awareness courses, for new and current employees, with focus to our company’s most significant environmental aspects and especially those directly related to the task of each employee in their working role
• Pre-planned periodic review of our environmental management system and our defined goals for environmental improvement.

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